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What is Kovenex Laminate Fabric?

One way Kovenex can assist manufacturers is by offering laminate fabrics. A laminate fabric is a two (or more) layer construction with a polymer film bonded to a fabric. Coating and lamination can improve and modify the physical properties and appearance of fabrics, and lead to the development of entirely new products by combining the benefits of fabrics, polymers and films. As a result, these laminate fabrics can increase functionality and durability as well as value.

One of the latest trends in PPE is the desire for more comfortable gear that doesn’t sacrifice protection. Many PPE users choose products that are heavier than necessary because they think heavier means better protection; however, materials today – such as Kovenex laminate fabrics – offer products that provide not just superior protection, but comfort and dexterity as well.

Kovenex laminate fabrics reduce weight by combining layers of material to form one composite material with multiple protective characteristics. In high performance gloves, for example, manufacturers are moving from two-dimensional to three dimensional construction using Kovenex laminate fabrics to improve dexterity and reduce bulk. Kovenex offers two types of laminate fabrics in multiple basis weights: water repellent and aluminized.

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