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Kovenex fabrics are widely recognized as the go-to thermal barrier in industrial and firefighting environments, where having the most reliable flame resistant clothing and equipment is imperative. From gloves and shirts to aprons and other protective apparel, Kovenex performs, protects and endures for those who need it most.

While knits have traditionally led the thermal liner industry, more manufacturers of flame resistant clothing are seeking out new materials and techniques that will offer the right combination of performance, weight, price and more. Non-wovens – like Kovenex – offer the same level of superior heat and flame protection as knits, but with increased durability, breathability, water repellency and resistance to tears, punctures, chemicals and more – all at a lighter weight. They also tend to be lower in cost, because the manufacturing process is less expensive than that of woven fabrics. Kovenex also is machine washable and available with a water/oil repellent finish appropriate in most industrial and firefighting environments.

Kovenex liners are preferred among glove manufacturers today, and can be found in a number of PPE products from leading brands. Tested and certified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) as a thermal barrier for firefighting gloves and PPE, it carries Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) up to 60 cal/cm2. No other thermal barrier on the market provides as much heat protection while maintaining such a high level of dexterity. From structural firefighting and extrication to welding and metal processing, glove manufacturers continue to take advantage of Kovenex’s unmatched qualities.

In addition to fire and rescue gloves, Kovenex is an ideal ingredient for flame resistant clothing used in the industrial or manufacturing workplace. In many of these environments, employees spend all day working with extreme heat, open flames, harmful chemicals or sharp objects. In order to do their job successfully, they need the most reliable protective clothing available. Manufacturers who choose Kovenex as an ingredient can ensure that their product fits that description.

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