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At the scene of a crash or other emergency situation, any number of dangers can threaten both the victim and the first responder. Having the right protective apparel is vital to bringing a victim to safety, and extrication gloves are a key element in the equation. First responders need to be protected from extreme heat and flames, broken glass, sharp metal and more. And Kovenex offers exactly that.

Whether in extrication gloves or rescue blankets, Kovenex fabrics have been used and trusted by first responders for years, including EMT and EMS personnel and other extrication experts. As a stitch-bonded, non-woven thermal barrier, Kovenex offers excellent protection from flames, sparks, cuts, tears and sharps, all dangers that first responders can face during an emergency situation.

It’s also offered at a much lighter weight than other thermal barriers on the market today – which makes it especially beneficial for extrication gloves used in extrication situations, where fine motor skills can be vital. In many cases, the dexterity of a glove is reduced as durability is increased. Kovenex, however, offers the perfect solution. Available in multiple basis weights – and with water and oil repellent finishes – Kovenex ensures that manufacturers don’t have to sacrifice crucial elements like dexterity to ensure high performance and durability.

Kovenex fabrics are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to several NFPA and ASTM standards, including ASTM F1790 (cut resistance). This unique combination of heat and cut protection is the reason Kovenex is used by several leading manufacturers of extrication gloves, including Dragon Fire, Southcombe Brothers and others. And the demand for Kovenex continues to grow.

Another valuable extrication tool that leverages the superior protection offered by Kovenex is the Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket. Easily outperforming other fire and rescue blankets for protection and safety, this rescue blanket is vital for any emergency situation.

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