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Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, LLC is a premier developer and manufacturer of engineered performance fabrics. With more than 30 years’ experience in engineering flame, heat and tear resistant thermal barriers, Waubridge can offer – or create – a fabric that meets all your personal and property protection needs.

Waubridge launched the Kovenex family of performance fabrics and products in 2004, with patents supporting the inherent heat and flame resistant properties that are highly sought after in today’s safety-conscious marketplace. Since then, Waubridge has expanded by adding another ingredient fabric, Pavenex, to the company’s line of high-performance, inherently flame resistant fabrics.

Today, Waubridge continues to invest in research to develop new and improved high performance fabrics and materials for industrial, consumer and occupational applications, including industrial personal protective equipment (PPE), automotive, outdoor equipment, kitchen safety, office and home furnishings, aerospace and military environments. Our products are currently used by a wide range of leading PPE brands.

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