Thermal Properties

What is Kovenex Thermal Fabric?

Kovenex thermal fabric provides the same high level of protection that wovens offer, but at a much lighter basis weight. In gloves nd as a liner in other PPE, Kovenex non-wovens are capable of trapping air inside their construction, adding to their insulating performance. Kovenex also tends to be less expensive because the process to create it is less costly than woven fabrics.

Kovenex needle-punch battings provide outstanding thermal protection in very light weights for use in all types of protective apparel and equipment. Available in multiple basis weights, Kovenex thermal fabrics are machine washable and have a long shelf life because they are not chemically treated. Whether in batting or uniquely stitch-bonded form, ounce per ounce, Kovenex thermal fabrics match or outperform other commercially available thermal barriers, including fiberglass, aramids and Modacrylic blends.

Tested to NFPA standards, hand protection safeguarded by Kovenex carries Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) up to 60 cal/cm2. No other thermal barrier on the market provides as much heat protection while maintaining such a high level of dexterity.

Kovenex Thermal Fabric Testing

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