For years, Kovenex fabrics have been used and trusted within the fire and emergency services industry – first, as part of a line of valuable safety blankets, and then as a powerful ingredient in protective apparel and equipment for firefighters, extrication experts and other first responders. And today, Kovenex fabrics have evolved and improved with workplace safety in mind. When you spend all day working with sparks, hot metals, fumes and gases and hazardous chemicals, having the most reliable personal protective equipment and apparel is a top concern. With sparks and splatter flying off from the welding arc, hot metal blowing out from the cutting flame, and equipment that heats up to extreme temperatures, burns are just one of the many threats that welders face on a daily basis.

For many years, welders and other industrial workers have relied on Kovenex protective fabrics to keep them safe on the job. In its earliest iterations, Kovenex was offered as a blanket designed to protect those who work in industrial environments by serving as an extinguishing or evacuation tool. Since then, Kovenex fabrics have evolved and improved with workplace safety in mind.

From welding shirts and gloves to aprons and spatter guards, Kovenex fabrics provide unparalleled protection from sparks, weld splatter, arc flash, extreme heat and flame, and more. Inherently flame-resistant due to its patented blend of fibers, Kovenex fabrics offer superior durability and abrasion resistance without harmful chemical treatments commonly used in today’s thermal barriers. Tested to several NFPA and ASTM standards, it’s also cut and tear resistant – a key element when working around sharp metals.

Kovenex is also a lightweight and breathable alternative to the traditional fabrics used in welding shirts and other protective garments and gear. As a non-woven fabric, it produces TPP levels per basis weight equal to or better than other, more expensive woven thermal barriers. Whether in batting or uniquely stitch-bonded form, ounce per ounce, Kovenex fabrics match or outperform other commercially available thermal barriers, including fiberglass, aramids and Modacrylic blends.

Kovenex fabrics are appropriate for use in:

  • Protective apparel, including welding shirts, spats, aprons, gloves and blankets
  • Torch shields
  • Protective curtains

In addition, Waubridge Specialty Fabrics offers Pavenex, another superior option appropriate for use in welding shirts and other protective gear. Learn more.

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