Waterproof Properties

What is Kovenex Waterproof Fabric?

A unique attribute of Kovenex FR fabrics is their ability to accept coatings, like waterproofing, without reducing or impacting the fabric’s FR performance. Kovenex fabric is available with a water/oil repellent finish that is appropriate in most industrial and firefighting environments. Kovenex waterproof fabrics are the result of a combination of layers that together, offer FR performance in a three-dimensional, laminated construction.

Kovenex waterproof fabrics are tested by Underwriters Laboratories to:

Kovenex Waterproof Fabric Certifications

  • AATCC-22 (water repellent)
  • AATTCC-35 (water repellent)
  • AATCC-135 (moisture water vapor transmission)

Appropriate for use in environments in which a waterproof fabric liner needs to also provide FR or thermal protection, Kovenex waterproof fabrics provide ideal protection from chemical splash or solvents.

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