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In 2012, one structure fire was reported every 66 seconds. From unattended cooking to forgotten candles, Christmas decorations to careless smoking, a fire can break out at any moment – whether at home or your place of work. Protection and safe evacuation in the event of a fire is paramount, particularly in places like childcare centers, nursing homes or other healthcare facilities.

Another way that Kovenex can be leveraged to protect the home or office from potential fires is by incorporating it into everyday items. Manufacturers of home and office furnishings should consider Kovenex’s unique and high-performing characteristics for use in products such as couches, chair cushions, office dividers, mattresses and more. By adding Kovenex as an ingredient in these typically flammable possessions, you can help decrease the chance of a fire spreading further within your home or office building.

The important thing is to be prepared for situations like this by having the right safety tools on-hand – such as any one of the Fire & Rescue Blankets in which Kovenex is an ingredient. Initially designed as an infant safety blanket to protect young children from heat and flames, Kovenex blankets provide unparalleled protection for individuals in various industries and environments.

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