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Kovenex fabrics are used in a wide variety of PPE clothing for the fire, rescue, industrial and manufacturing environments. Inherently flame-resistant, Kovenex stands up against extreme heat, sparks, cuts, sharps and tears, enhancing and differentiating any PPE product in which it’s used.

When you rely on your PPE clothing as often as firefighters and industrial workers do, you want to make sure you’re selecting apparel that’s going to perform day-in and day-out. Certified by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) as a thermal barrier for firefighting gloves and PPE, the demand for Kovenex continues to increase worldwide. Products safeguarded by Kovenex currently include hand protection, aprons, spatter guards and a range of apparel for industrial and manufacturing environments as well as refineries and foundries.

Manufacturers today are looking for new materials and techniques that will increase the performance, durability and reliability of their products. Kovenex’s unique blend of fibers produce TPP levels per basis weight that are equal to or better than other woven thermal barriers – and at a lower cost. Using lighter weight fabrics is not only more comfortable for those firefighters, soldiers or others who may be carrying heavy loads, but it also increases dexterity, which is particularly helpful in gloves.

Stitch-bonding Kovenex also offers outstanding tear resistance. Its minimal fiber migration is the result of a locking structure created by the stitch bonding. It’s also tested to ASTM F1790, providing a Level 2 cut resistance, which creates a unique combination of heat and cut protection that is key in many PPE clothing lines. Additionally, Kovenex fabrics are available with water and oil repellent finishes, are machine washable and are not chemically treated, resulting in a long shelf line.

With such high levels of performance, protection and endurance, as well as cost-effective pricing, PPE safeguarded by Kovenex is not just “nice to have,” but must-have for every department.

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