Structural Fire Gloves

For firefighters, every piece of protective apparel is vital. However, not all apparel is on the same level in terms of performance and reliability. This is especially true when it comes to protective gloves. Selecting the right pair of structural fire gloves can be difficult. Often gloves can be too bulky and restrictive of hand movement. The thinner, more comfortable gloves, however, aren’t always the most reliable – or compliant to NFPA standards.

It comes down to the layers and the lining, and it’s up to the manufacturer to select the best material for the job. Thicker lining may mean more protection, but it also means more bulk, and therefore reduced comfort and dexterity. And since firefighters rely on their hands for a wide variety of tasks, dexterity is important. With all of these conflicting attributes, manufacturers of structural fire gloves have a lot to consider when deciding what fabric to use as a liner.

Kovenex offers the best of both worlds – superior protection and durability, as well as high dexterity and comfort. Tested to the NFPA structural glove liner standard (NFPA 1971-2013), Kovenex is an inherently flame resistant, non-woven thermal barrier that is more effective than traditional thermal barriers on the market today. Its fibers act synergistically to protect from heat, flames and sparks, as well as cuts and tears, and its char length and after flame results are well below NFPA maximums for performance.

It’s also available in very light weights, which allows manufacturers to create a structural fire glove that offers high dexterity without sacrificing durability. As a non-woven thermal barrier, Kovenex traps air inside, adding insulation. Stitch-bonding the fabric also increases dexterity and performance by providing abrasive resistance and enhancing doffing and donning. And, all of this comes at a lower cost than traditional woven fabrics, which tend to be more expensive to manufacture.

Kovenex can be found in a number of structural fire gloves by leading brands, such as Dragon Fire, Lion Protective, Southcombe Brothers, Ironclad and more.

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